UCAS clearing

Getting your course  clearing sign

We all want to join college; be it because that’s our family tradition because we are dreaming big or because that’s just an ordinary part of our life. But sometimes life does not operate as we wish it did and this may leave us in a predicament where we are unable to join college and thus pursue our dreams. But there is a way out now for those who did not get an acceptance letter from the colleges they had applied to. It is the UCAS Clearing 2016.

Clearing is a chance for those who fall into the falling categories to get a chance to join college;

· Those who did not receive any college offer

· Those who declined all their offers or did not respond by the due date

· Those who did not meet the required conditions; such as requisite grades.

· Those who applied to college late

· Those who applied for one specific course which was declined


The clearing option is open up to mid September to give you enough time to research about your preferred college and/or study course. It is important when applying through Clearing to do the necessary research so that you will be able to meet the entry requirements for the course you choose to pursue.

Published lists

The list of courses with vacancies is published on the Telegraph newspaper between mid August and late September giving you ample time to make up your mind on the course of your choice.

In UCAS Clearing 2016 the applicant has to contact the school directly to discuss their application and courses. The applicants are free to apply to as many colleges as they like and they may receive offers from several schools. Since you can only accept one offer it is important that you consider it carefully to ensure it a course and college you are comfortable pursuing.

Clearing is the opportunity for those who cannot enter college conventionally to pursue their educational dreams.